"Zuzu" – A Freestyle Dance Party

Start time: 20/06/2017 at 21:00
Ends: 20/06/2017 at 23:55

Freestyle dance is a 'scene' that has been taking shape in recent years throughout the country and around the world. It is a social encounter that is intended mainly for ... freestyle dancing.

This is actually a party where you can dress in a way that is comfortable and express yourself in any way. What really matters is that the event is suitable for everyone, from children to adults - at every level!

The evening begins with a guided warm up that is open to everyone, or alternatively any other movement activity. It then goes on to a night full of varied music: from Beethoven, through afro-beat, Indian music, a visit to Grunge, and more – whatever feels right.

The Fringe Theater, 15 Anielewicz St. The Old City.