"Zuzu" - Freestyle Dancing

Starting time: August 15th at 21:00
Ends: August 15th at 23:55

Freestyle dance is a 'scene' that has been taking shape in recent years throughout the country and the rest of the world, where a social encounter is designed primarily for ... freestyle dance.

This is actually a party/meeting/event in which you can dress in a way that is comfortable for your, and you can express yourself in any way.

What really matters is that the event is suitable for everyone, from children to adults - at every level!

The evening begins with a guided warm up, but any other movement activity is welcomed. The event then goes on into the night with a ton of varied music: from Beethoven, through afro-beat, Indian music, Grunge, Gevatron - Whatever feels right!


The Fringe Theater Be'er-Sheva, 15 Anielewicz