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  • The Negev Environmental Award Awarded for 2017

    In a festive ceremony held recently with the participation of the mayor of Be'er-Sheva, Ruvik Danilovich, Vice President of Ben Gurion University, Prof. Dan Blumberg, Director of the Ministry of Environmental

  • For the first time in Israel, the "Technological Core Group"
    In Be'er-Sheva, the first graduating class of "Technological Core" began, in which young people from the United States came to Israel for a specialization program in the field of telecommunications,
  • The Extreme Bike Park Underway
    These days, work has commenced on the construction of the Extreme Complex for BMX biking enthusiasts, near the B7 Skate Park compound at the north-west entrance to Be'er-Sheva. There will be a 2,000 square
  • “Together, we will breathe clean air” – Health conference held in Be’er-Sheva
    "Together, we will breathe clean air," the important conference, attended by leaders of Israel in the field of clean air was held last week, (Nov. 11) at the Be'er-Sheva Performing Arts Center.
  • The honorary Doctorate of Philosophy of Ben Gurion University Awarded to Mayor.
    An honorary Doctorate degree from Ben-Gurion University of the Negev was awarded to Ruvik Danilovich, Mayor of Be'er-Sheva

    The Ben Gurion University of the Negev awarded the title of Doctor of Philosophy last week on November 23, to seven people at a special ceremony, which was the focus of the "Ben Gurion Day", the annual memorial day of the "Old Man".

    As part of the speeches that took place, "The signature of the mayor of Be'er-Sheva is evident in every aspect of the city's tremendous development. A multi-talented individual, who has promoted many diverse projects in the fields of education, youth, neighborhood rehabilitation, culture, and sports. Under his leadership, the city became prosperous and steadfast. A visionary leader who established Be'er-Sheva as a modern metropolis and whose vision of the long-term expansion and continuous efforts has led to the city being declared one of seven "Future Cities" in the world.

    The honorary Doctor of Philosophy degrees was awarded to Prof. Ruth Gavison, Prof. Shafi Goldwasser, Ruvik Danilovich, Prof. Eliyahu Katz, Sigalit Landau, Moshe Safdie and Menahem Pressler. During the ceremony, Amos Richmond was awarded the "Friend of the Negev" and the BGU President's Award was given to Deborah Tomer and Eliezer Carmel for a long-standing donation to the university.

    Mayor Danilovich related, "I am very excited to stand here, alongside exemplary figures, women, and men, who, due to their feverish imagination, their full faith and passion for life, have created a new future and made the world an exciting, intriguing and hopeful place."

    "My stance here today expresses a great victory, no, not mine, of that same simple child, from a simple family, who refuses to dream simply. One that experiences failures, deals with crises and learns from mistakes. The downside is not a barrier to success, because perfection does not exist in anyone. I am not willing to give up any glorious failure that I have earned honestly, with great effort, as a result of dreams, initiatives, and ideas. Failure gives rise to experience. Even more, I realized that it is the most important component of our success, of all of us," he continued.

    And this is the message, to every girl and boy who now sit in the classroom and feel frustrated that they are not equal, that they are disappointing their parents, who are not part of the measure of success and excellence that the system defined. Someone has to tell them the truth: there is not really one success index, and not everyone can or should reach that summit. This is completely wrong and different from the dynamics in which the world is run.

    Anyone can do it his/her way. There is no secret to success and do not look for a winning formula, just be yourselves. Believe in yourself! The people who made dramatic changes in the world and determined the fate of humanity are those who did not always fit into the established framework.

    Danilovich added: "You need the same spark, spiced with passion, and love. Yes, that simple commodity within the reach of every human being, for free, is the real key to success in life. It all begins with love: for human beings, for the city, for the state and for humanity. "

    The award was awarded by President of Ben Gurion University, Professor Rivka Carmi and Rector Prof. Zvi Hacohen.

  • International Car Accident Victims' Day took place in Be'er-Sheva
    The International day for road accident victims was marked this week (Sunday, November 19th) in Be'er-Sheva.

    In the moving ceremony that took place at 'ASE'  - the Bereaved Society of Road
  • sports activities for all ages
    In recent years, the Municipal Sports Department has been leading the assimilation of the sports culture and healthy way of life for the city population and promoting sports activities for all ages.

  • Inauguration of Beit Eliya: center for children visual impairments
    In a moving and impressive ceremony, on Thursday the 2nd of November, a new center was inaugurated for toddlers and children up to age six from Be'er Sheva and all over the Negev with blindness and visual
  • 80th Birthday Celebrations in Be'er-Sheva
    Celebrations were held for elderly residents of the city to honor them for reaching the age of 80. On Tuesday, the 7th of November, participants attended a festive ceremony that took place at the "Hinuma"
  • "Pacifier Tree" was Inaugurated in Be'er-Sheva
    The colorful "pacifier tree" was inaugurated in Be'er-Sheva

    The mayor of Be'er-Sheva, Ruvik Danilovich recently inaugurated the first "pacifier tree" in Be'er Sheva (Tuesday,
  • The 100th Anniversary of the Liberation of Be'er-Sheva
    Yesterday, Tuesday the 31st of October, Be'er-Sheva marked a historic, international day: 100 years since the liberation of the city from the Ottoman regime, by the ANZAC forces.

    As part of
  • Sigd Celebrations: The holiday of yearning of the Ethiopian Jews
    The Sigd event of the Beta Israel community took place this week (Monday, 23/10) at the Youth Center in Be'er-Sheva. As part of the event, the participants enjoyed an Ethiopian folklore performance by
  • For the first time in Be'er-Sheva: "Nabucco" by Verdi - performed by the Israeli Opera
    As part of the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the liberation of the city of Be'er-Sheva by the soldiers of the ANZAC, the special production will be held in cooperation with the Municipality of
  • Be'er-Sheva Making History: 100 Years since the Liberation of the City
    On October 31, 2017, it will mark 100 years since the liberation of Be'er-Sheva by the British and the ANZAC forces from the Ottoman Empire in World War I. Following the victory in Be'er Sheva, the Balfour
  • Be'er-Sheva Municipality Honors Breast Cancer Awareness Month

    ​Again this year, the Be'er-Sheva municipality will be participating in the global initiative surrounding Breast Cancer Awareness Month and will light up a number of public buildings in pink. As you

  • "Bird Square" When Ecology and Color Meet
    As part of this beautiful project, which was completed this week (Sunday 10/09) 100 bird houses were hung on a tree in the traffic square next to 'Yachdav' school. Through this environmental, educational
  • The "Gifts from the Soul" Volunteers Fair Held in Be'er-Sheva
    Hundreds of volunteers from various organizations participated in an art fair held by social organizations last week in the lobby of the Be'er-Sheva Performing Arts Center. The fair exposed the extensive
  • Inauguration of 'Cyber' and 'Making' School at Amal, Ramot
    On Tuesday, a ceremony was held in Be'er-Sheva to inaugurate a new Entrepreneur's Center for Cyber and Making, the first of its kind in Israel, established by the Amal Education Network in cooperation
  • Tourism Conference to Take Place in Be'er-Sheva
    On Tuesday (26.9), between the hours of 8:30-12:00, a professional conference on the development of tourism in the city will take place at the Young Adults Center in the Old City of Be'er-Sheva.
  • 13 years since the double terrorist bombing in Be'er-Sheva
    The city of Be'er-Sheva marked (on Thursday the 31.8.17) the 13th anniversary of the double bombing attack on two city buses in which 16 residents of the city were murdered and more than 100 civilians
  • The school year opens flawlessly in Be'er-Sheva
    Some 41,000 students across the entire educational continuum opened the school year in Be'er-Sheva on Friday September 1st without any hiccups.

    Approximately 9,000 kids will start at kindergartens,
  • "Reshmi HaTeva" (Impressions of Nature) - The 3rd Biennial for Paper Art
    Sixty-six international artists from 13 countries around the world will participate this year in the 3rd biennial of paper art, which will open on September 4th, at a festive ceremony to be held at the
  • Mosiac of Peace Inauguration Event
    The "Mosaic of Peace" was inaugurated at a multi-participant event held at Avraham's Well International Visitor Center in the Old City of Be'er-Sheva. This huge mosaic (105 square meters) is
  • Be'er-Sheva Robotics Team Wins 4th at World Robot Olympics
    The young people, who operate under the auspices of the Jusidman Center at Ben-Gurion University, are expected to return to Israel tomorrow (Monday, July 24) after taking part in the prestigious competition
  • The Be'er-Sheva Children's Park Opens
    The magnificent park is located in the Neve Menachem neighborhood – Nahal Ashan, in Be'er-Sheva, in the north-west of the city, at the foot of the experiential children's museum "Lunada".

  • Memorial ceremony for the Victims of the Terror Attacks in Argentina
    The moving ceremony commemorating those killed in the attacks in Buenos Aires took place last Tuesday (July 18), at a monument erected in memory of them, in the 'tet' neighborhood in Be'er-Sheva.

  • The 'Shofars Square' Officially Named after the late Ferede Yazezow Aklum
    At a festive ceremony, on Monday, July 3rd, Shofar Square was named after the late Ferede Yazezow Aklum . Aklum was an educator, a Mossad agent, and one of the main activists of Aliyah from Ethiopia
  • Mayor Meets with Team that will Represent Be'er-Sheva at World Robotics Olympics
    The Be'er-Sheva Robotics Team, which won the national competition and was chosen to represent Israel for the first time in history, at the World Robotics Olympics, was hosted at the Be'er-Sheva municipal
  • Renovation of Animal Quarantine Site Completed
    The renovation of the site for the welfare of animals, worth hundreds of thousands of shekels, funded by the Be'er-Sheva Municipality and the Ministry of the, included the establishment of spacious and
  • Dozens of Be'er-Sheva Kindergarten Classes to be Renovated during Summer Vacation
    In preparation for the start of the school year, 33 classrooms will be renovated and upgraded in the coming weeks, in old neighborhoods throughout the city. 13 classes belong to the special education framework.