Ye'adim - Municipal Company for Business and Economic Development – Be'er-Sheva

Ye'adim is a municipal company responsible for business development in the city of Be'er-Sheva.  The company's goal is to promote the city's business development processes, and it leads a number of major projects designed to change the face of the city for the better.

Company activities

Ye'adim is responsible for managing the industrial and factory areas located within the city's municipal boundaries, for the management and operation of urban street markets, and promotion of high-tech industry in the city.
The company walks every entrepreneur who wants to invest in the city through all the processes involved, starting from testing the project's viability, through allocation of land by the Israel Lands Authority, working with the Ministry of Finance and others, submission of building plans, through approval by the responsible municipal bodies.  At the same time that it is counselling and guiding entrepreneurs, Ye'adim promotes development in the city's industrial zones and acts to accelerate the establishment of business operations in these areas.

Members of the Board of Ye'adim

  • Ruvik Danilovich - Chairman of the Board, Mayor of Be'er-Sheva
  • Avishag Avtovi - City Manager, Be'er-Sheva Municipality
  • Tomer Bitan - Vice Chairman, City Comptroller of the Municipality
  • Dimitri Piglianski – Chief City Engineer
  • Rama Mindlin - Deputy City Engineer
  • Yossi Dadush – City Council member
  • Attorney Carmit Aharon Emunah – City Council member
  • Attorney Ainav Vaknin Haimi – Representative of the public
  • Hagit Pe'er - Representative of the public
  • Daniel Rosenthal - Representative of the public
  • Ya'akov Truzman - Representative of the public