Upgrading the Public Transportation System

שדרוג מערך התחבורה הציבורית
Sector:Commerce and Transportation
Be'erSheva Municipality, working in cooperation with the Ministry of Transportation, has promoted the re-design of the public transportation system in Be'erSheva including a series of breakthrough improvements, among them:  the addition of new lines, increased bus frequency, free transfer between bus lines valid for 90 minutes, bus entry from all doors, ticket purchasing online, and the introduction of new Euro-6 model buses with very low air pollution levels.

Urban public transportation services in the city will increase by more than 30%.  The new system will include adding new lines and improving the connection with key centers of activity such as industrial zones, educational institutions, shopping centers, train stations and the hospital.

With the new system, for the first time, passengers can enjoy free transfers between the service lines for up to 90 minutes.  In addition, Rav-Kav ­(pre-paid public transportation 'credit') card holders will be able to skip the line to board near the bus driver and board from all the doors.

Ticket sales will be possible by means of dozens of reloading and ticket sales stations situated around the city at centers of entertainment, commerce, and other public institutions.  Also, it will be possible to purchase tickets through the Internet.

The new system in Be'er‑Sheva will also be the first in which drivers do not sell tickets on the bus.