Industrial areas

As Be'er-Sheva continues its growth over the years, it places special emphasis on the development of industrial zones and promoting entrepreneurs who come to the city.  Today there are four developed industrial zones in Be'er-Sheva:
  • Emek Sarah
  • Kiryat Yehudit
  • Be'er-Sheva North - Hebron Road and the factory area
  • Tech industrial zone
Be'er-Sheva's industrial zones extend over approximately 5,000 dunam (~1,235 acres) and employ tens of thousands of workers from the city.  The Ye'adim Company manages these areas, while working actively to promote the establishment of new businesses in the industrial zones, by means of:
  • Guiding/mentoring entrepreneurs and companies
  • Developing the industrial zones
  • Supplying ongoing maintenance
Emek Sarah Industrial Zone
Emek Sarah is the main industrial zone of the city of Be'er-Sheva.  The area is 2,500 dunam (~617 acres) in size, and is, in the coming years, going completely to transform its look as tens of millions of shekels are going to be invested in the area to develop it and bring it to realization of the full potential it has to offer.
Kiryat Yehudit Compound
The Kiryat Yehudit Compound integrates trade, industry and logistics, and is located at the southern egress of the city of Be'er-Sheva, near IDF Mahane Natan (Nathan Army Base).  The compound spans some 400 dunam (~98 acres) and contains a variety of businesses including food chains, banquet halls, logistics centers and more.
Hebron Road Industrial Zone and Factory Area
The Hebron Road Industrial Zone is situated on the east side of Be'er-Sheva.  The area is characterized mainly by small industrial compounds, garages and car service centers.
A process of urban renewal and transformation is being considered for the factory area to convert it into a mixed-use compound in this attractive location.  (This idea is only in the preliminary stages of consideration and thus so does not yet necessitate any sort of zoning change).
Tech industrial zone
An area located in the northeastern part of the city, today the ATP houses industrial buildings, retail spaces and offices.  The Be'er-Sheva Municipality and Ye'adim are currently making efforts to evacuate the cement plants from the compound and complete infrastructure development, to create a mixed-use compound in an attractive location.