Vision for Culture, Recreation and Entertainment

In recent years, the City of Be'er-Sheva has been undergoing a real revolution in the area of culture and recreation, investing substantial funds and resources in arts and culture institutions near other city recreation and leisure anchors.
In Be'er-Sheva, many attractive and innovative cultural institutions that are pioneers in their field have been established, which provide the city and the region as a whole with a wide selection of special events, festivals, exhibitions, performances, concerts and plays in a broad range of creative fields.  The Be'er-Sheva Theater, Goodman Acting School, Fringe Theater, Bat Dor Dance School, and the Kamea Dance Company are just some of the city's cultural institutions that perform nightly in the Performing Arts Center, the Acting School Playhouse and in the Youth Center in the Old City - where rich and original content, art and crafts are created.
Nearby in the Old City, the works of local artists are exhibited alongside works by internationally renowned artists in the Negev Museum of Art, the Museum of Islamic and Near Eastern Cultures, the Artists' House and other more intimate galleries.  These form the 'Museum Ramble' and, along with the museums and additional cultural and recreational anchors in the Old City such as "The Train Yard" – Engine 70414 Compound, the Abraham's Well Visitors' Center, and the Carasso Science Park, transform the entertainment experience in Be'er-Sheva to a rich, enriching and original one for all the family. 
Recently Be'er-Sheva opened "Lunada," the first interactive children's museum in Israel, a joint initiative by the Be'er-Sheva Muncipality and the Jack, Joseph and Morton Mandel Foundation.  Lunada has quickly become one of the country's most popular leisure and entertainment destinations, thanks to its combination of entertainment and fun activities for children that integrate learning and enrichment.
In addition to these cultural, recreational and leisure institutions, the Municipality, with Kivunim - its culture and recreational arm, produce and encourage a wide range of events, festivals and shows for city residents of all ages, events for holidays and special occasions, beside the open air summer events, such as:  "White Night", the Smilansky Street Festival, street parties, wine festivals, "Mondays at the Museum", an annual public "Glow" night run, festivals for children and families during the intermediate days of Passover and Sukkot, and a wide variety of fine, top-drawer musical events, in which leading Israeli artists perform.
Over the last decade, the city has developed a unique 'scene' of creative artists, Be'er‑Shevans of all ages, who create music that is interesting and original, subversive and edgy, and has become a byword in the country.
As a quality metropolis in Israel, Be'er-Sheva offers plenty of opportunities for culture, art, entertainment and leisure, and will continue to do so, working in the coming years with local and international partners, yet supported largely thanks to the City's own consumers of culture and leisure activities.