Educational Vision

The Education Administration of the City of Be'er-Sheva has set as its goal the advancing of excellence as a value the city is promoting, and to cultivate it in all the arenas of its activity.  We believe that every child, and also every teacher and educator, has unique strengths in different realms of knowledge and creativity.  Identifying and enhancing these strengths allows each person to set personal goals in the areas of both education and values, while at the same time opening new horizons and bold directions for realization.  We educate to aspire to excellence as a value and a way of life.

Cooperation between the City's Institutions

The city of Be'er-Sheva fosters value-based education and mutual involvement while establishing a shared urban narrative.  The urban educational environment is up-to-date and suited to the 21st century, and spearheaded by values of excellence, equality of opportunity and choice.  This urban environment includes sustainable partnerships between kindergartens, schools, academic, arts and cultural institutions, public and private organizations and all of the municipal resources.  All aim at institutional improvement and development, with the commitment and sensitivity to bring about the realization of the self and of the values of the members of the educational community.
This educational outlook is expressed through a one-of-a-kind pooling of the complement of municipal resources, both human and infrastructural.  This integration creates a network of learning opportunities, in which all the partners - academic and cultural institutions, industry and art, the formal and supplementary educational systems, etc., are guided by the municipal vision, speaking one common language, and together, forming the grid that allows everyone to climb to success, while accompanying them along their ways to development to the highest levels of expertise in the areas of their strengths.
We believe that the role of the educational system is to nurture the growth of excellent people, not only of excellent students.  In an environment where a culture of excellence is a jointly-held value, everyone will be able to realize their potential, including those with the highest capabilities, who function as the service-giving elite, and those spearheading leadership in a broad spectrum of areas in knowledge and creativity.
Creating a culture of excellence promotes development and progress, and includes good citizenship, community leadership and service - values that are the cornerstones to the growth of a graduate who is worthy, has values and is committed to his/herself and the community, and therefrom, to the growth of a solid, unified and advancing society.
We thank the educational leadership on its choosing education which is a "prophecy of hope", a value-based judgment of how to shape the face of society in the city of Be'er-Sheva and in the State of Israel, and positively to affect its character.