Environmental Quality vision

The Be'er-Sheva Municipality considers the issue of quality of the environment an important element in the urban services it provides its residents.  As such the Municipality invests significant resources to creating a clean, inviting and attractive environment for the city's residents and its visitors.
The Department for the Environment works together with municipal maintenance department workers on the ongoing cleanliness and maintenance of the city.  Collection of all types of garbage and debris, repair of hazards, placement and maintenance of trash cans, cleaning campaigns and other activities are all integral parts of the work of the Municipality, which works continuously to improve these services.  Municipal responsibilities also include cleaning and maintenance of public parks and gardens and other gardening work.
In recent years, the Municipality has been implementing a program to design and refurbish the public areas.  As part of this program, parks and public gardens for the benefit and use of residents were established, lighted and attractive fountains and jets were built in neighborhoods around the city, benches and trash receptacles were placed, and many climate-appropriate trees were planted.  The Be'er‑Sheva Municipality will continue to implement this program.
In addition, the Municipality is promoting a comprehensive program of urban sustainability, in which the city has joined a national program of recycling and source separation of domestic waste.  Recycling bins have been positioned around the city suited to different types of waste, accompanied by explanations to residents and educational activities among students in the city's educational institutions.  The Municipality is also working to replace all trash receptacles and garbage carts with underground waste containers that are aesthetic and easy for residents to use.
We see protecting the rights of animals and caring for them as part of maintaining quality-of-life and a sustainable, friendly environment.  As such, many funds are being invested in improving the activity of the city quarantine station and pound; there are animal adoption days and the campaign to spay/neuter cats has been intensified to an unprecedented level.  Beyond all of the above, regular educational activities are held, with the cooperation of relevant associations and organizations, and residents for whom the matter is close to their hearts.
The Municipality is investing heavily in environmental awareness and protection to create a clean, beautiful and inviting environment, while at the same time enforcing regulations against anyone who harms, pollutes or corrupts the public expanse.  We call on the public to help us in this effort, so that Be'er-Sheva will be a leader in this area as well, for the benefit of its residents.