Social Vision

The Department of Social Services of the City of Be'er-Sheva provides a range of social services according to the needs of the residents, the policy of the national Ministry of Social Services and in coordination with the Municipal Strategic Plan that was derived from the Mayor's vision for the city.

Department Vision

The department aims to promote and foster quality of life for the populations for which it is responsible by determining therapeutic strategies geared to the individual, the family, the group and the community.  It also serves as a professional address providing a variety of solutions and opportunities for empowering personal, family and community resilience, and emphasizing prevention, treatment, and the provision of a variety of tools to advance development and empowerment.

Social Services Development

The department is working on developing optimal services for residents of the city, including general services for the broader population as well as targeted services.  It is undertaking these projects according to its high-caliber professional and organizational principles, while at the same time maintaining sensitivity, efficiency, transparency, innovation, human resource development and adaptation to changes taking place in society.

Plan of Action for the Department

The department operates professionally and with dedication to promote the quality and depth of its work, by means of:

  • Introducing changes in the social service divisions.
  • Expansion of game-changing programs in employment, educational, social and welfare contexts.
  • Streamlining and improving work processes.
  • Ongoing monitoring and supervision while undertaking the move to computerized management.
  • Maintaining a focus on thinking and learning, and more.


The department wants to continue its progress on issues it feels to be important while building frameworks and expanding collaborations with various municipal departments.  The tremendous work being done by department staff stems, in the broadest sense, from the staff's deep social commitment and strong sense of mutual involvement.  The devoted employees have made a value-based choice, to take action and give for the benefit and welfare of the residents of the city, and of building a good, just and egalitarian society.