Tourism Vision

Be'er-Sheva is blessed with a rich history, of the type reserved only for cities that have existed for thousands of years, maintaining a fascinating continuity of settlement that began in the Chalcolithic period, continuing through the biblical period and until the British mandate period, with the creation of the State of Israel and the establishment of the modern city of Be'er‑Sheva.

The Historic Vision

The foundations the city of Be'er-Sheva were laid by Abraham, man of peace and the father of the monotheistic religions, with his digging of a well and planting of a tamarisk tree. Abraham was known for his hospitality, and we could say that he was the city's first 'hotelier'. Today, the Be'er-Sheva Municipality is working to realize the vision of Abraham in the spirit of our time, presenting a long-term plan and deep commitment to the development of the tourism and hospitality industries in the city.

The Attractive Hub for Culture

Scattered throughout the city and its environs are a variety of attractive tourism sites, which together form a very unique cultural hub.  Among these sites are museums, visitors' centers, parks and heritage sites.
The main sites to visit are located in Be'er-Sheva's Old City, where the central among them are:
  • Abraham's Well International Visitors' Center
  • 'The Train Yard' – Engine 70414 Compound
  • Negev Museum of Art and the Museum of Islamic and Near Eastern Cultures
  • Carasso Science Park
  • The interactive Children's Museum Lunada
  • and many more


The Be'er-Sheva River Park

Another attractive tourist destination is the Be'er-Sheva River Park.  In the park one can find several tourist anchors, among them – the Archaeological Park, Neve Noy Promenade, Imber Promenade, the Pipes Bridge, Bell Park, the Southern Promenade, the Turkish Bridge, the Park Amphitheater, the future 'Sporteque', Bet Eshel Compound, the planned artificial lake compound, and 'Heart of the Park' Promenade.

The Be'er-Sheva 'Ring Trail'

A hiking trail ~42 km. in length was recently inaugurated circling the city of Be'er‑Sheva.  The trail leads visitors to the various spectacular landscapes and sites around the city, such as the Negev Brigade Memorial, designed by internationally-renowned urban artist Dani Karavan.

Existing Overnight Accommodations

The city has overnighting accommodation for tourists that include hotels and a number of unique guest rooms.  There are also a number of private initiatives for the construction of additional hotels around the city.
All of the above demonstrate clearly that a new wind is blowing in the city, developing the vision for tourism, and making it possible for Be'er-Sheva to become a city that guests and visitors from throughout the country and around the world will want to visit.  Be'er-Sheva's new tourism future is just on the horizon, continuing to position it as the Opportunity Capital of Israel!