The Opportunity Capital of Israel!

Be'er-Sheva is home to some 220,000 residents. This prosperous university town has commercial and industrial centers serving the 750,000 citizens of the region as a whole.

The Cyber Capital

Be'er-Sheva and the Negev cover almost two-thirds of the country's land area, and are considered the most significant source of available land reserves.  The welcome initiative of the Israeli government in transferring the IDF's elite units to the south, as well as changing national priorities, and the establishment of the national cyber complex – CyberSpark - in Be'er-Sheva, place the city in the heart of the Israeli high-tech industry.
The rapid development in the city creates a variety of opportunities in areas such as:
  • Research and Technology
  • Real Estate
  • Higher Education
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Tourism
  • Culture
Ongoing highway improvement, including the extended paving of Highway 6 – Israel's main north-south highway - and intensive work upgrading the railway, significantly shorten travel between Be'er‑Sheva and the rest of the country, and open new opportunities for residents and guests of the city.
These advances, along with many projects being developed in the city, all strengthen Be'er-Sheva's standing as a leading metropolis and the Opportunity Capital of the State of Israel.

Quality of Life Southern Style / with a Southern Flavor

In recent years, the City of Be'er-Sheva has been undergoing massive development, with large-scale projects totaling approximately 3 billion NIS aimed at improving the quality of life for city residents, while maintaining environmental values.  In the last few years, Be'er-Sheva won both the "Green Municipal Authority" prize and the award of 'Domus' design magazine for the unique fountains and water attractions it has erected throughout the city.
The wide spectrum of new projects in Be'er-Sheva include:
  • Development and restructuring of Rager Boulevard - The northern entrance to the city; combining housing units, public institutions and commercial and office buildings.
  • The Metropolitan Transportation Compound – In 2013, Be'er‑Sheva dedicated the new compound that incorporates the central train and brand new central bus stations, and a beautified upgraded public area.
  • The new Yaakov Terner Sports Complex - With a 16,000-seat stadium, "The Shell" (multifunctional sports auditorium) and 5 practice fields.
  • The Be'er‑Sheva River Park - An over-1,300-acre, 5-mile long green expanse, with attractions including an amphitheater, artificial lake, sports facilities, and promenades.
  • The Carasso Science Park – Israel's largest and most important science museum opened, in cooperation with the Rashi Foundation, as part of the Old City's renovation projects.
  • The Old City development program – A revitalization of the area, while still retaining its historic characteristics, transforming the Old City into a vibrant draw for tourism and commerce, with residential options for young people and recreation venues for the broader public.
  •  'The Train Yard' - Engine 70414 Complex - A restored historic Ottoman Turkish train station that has been transformed into a leisure and recreation area.  The site features a gourmet restaurant, galleries, a railroad museum, and a 'video mapping' film screened on the site's authentic steam engine.
  • The Abraham's Well Visitors' Center – An International Visitors' Center in the Old City that presents an experiential retelling of the story of the Patriarch Abraham and serves as a tourism anchor for the general public, and major attraction for guests of the three monotheistic religions.

Opportunity Capital for a Life of Leisure and Cultural Richness

In recent years, Be'er-Sheva is establishing itself as a major cultural anchor.  The City recently won the National Prize for Culture, as the country's leading city in this arena.  The Center for the Performing Arts hosts performances by Israeli and international companies and is home to the City Theater, the Israel Sinfonietta Be'er‑Sheva, and the Kamea Dance Company.
In Be'er-Sheva's Old City, one can discover a vast assortment of leisure-time and cultural opportunities being developed, among them:  The prize-winning Be'er‑Sheva Fringe Theater and the Negev Museum of Art which draws enthusiasts of art, and hosts, among other events, "Museum Mondays" – summer evening outdoor song and poetry concerts.  Be'er-Sheva is now also home to Goodman Acting School and Playhouse.

Opportunity Capital for Quality Compulsory & Higher Education

Be'er-Sheva is considered one of Israel's 'youngest' cities, with over 50% of the city's residents under the age of 34.  In 2012, Be'er‑Sheva was awarded the National Prize for Education in recognition of its quality education system that emphasizes excellence.
Be'er-Sheva is recognized as a leading 'university town', home to some 30,000 students at the city's institutions of higher education including Ben‑Gurion University of the Negev, Shamoon College of Engineering, and Kaye Academic Teachers' College.  The city is also home to leading Israeli hospital Soroka Medical Center.

Opportunity Capital for Entrepreneurship, Scientific Research & Advanced Technologies

Today's Be'er‑Sheva is an attractive city both for entrepreneurs and investors.  Alongside industrial zones covering ~1,750 acres, in 2013, the first two buildings of the innovative Advanced Technologies Park were opened, adjacent to BGU.
Spanning ~50 acres, the high-tech park is a joint venture of the Gav‑Yam Co., BGU, the municipality and the American company KUD.  It is the beating heart of the new national cyber complex "CyberSpark."  Many high-tech companies, such as EMC2, Deutsche Telekom, Ness, Elbit, dbMotion, IBM and the JVP Group, have already opened offices in the ATP.

Opportunity Capital for Housing

Be'er-Sheva's neighborhoods are set in one of the most beautiful areas in the country, an area with a pleasant climate and scenery, providing a natural green environment and clean high quality air.  Be'er‑Sheva offers advanced educational institutions; options for study in higher education at one of the best universities in Israel, and later, work at one of the world's leading tech companies.
Be'er-Sheva, the Opportunity Capital of Israel