About the City

With a rich history of over 3,700 years since the Biblical Abraham, modern Be'er‑Sheva was founded in 1948 and populated by immigrants from over 70 countries. In just the last 20 years, Be'er‑Sheva's multicultural, diverse population has doubled, welcoming thousands of additional immigrants, and both young and veteran Israelis who see the city's potential as the place to build their futures.
Be'er-Sheva is considered one of Israel's 'youngest' cities, with over 50% of the city's ~220,000 residents under the age of 34. Recognized as a leading 'university town', some 30,000 students study annually in six academic institutions. Each year in Israel, the greatest number of engineering students study in Be'er-Sheva. The city is also home to Ben-Gurion University‑affiliated Soroka Medical Center, one of Israel's leading hospitals and medical schools.
The Negev (southern Israel) constitutes 60% of the State of Israel's total land-area and its most significant available reserves, thus representing Israel's focus for future development – and placing Be'er‑Sheva, known as "the Capital of the Negev" at the head of the Israeli Government's national priorities in many areas.
Be'er‑Sheva is one of Israel's four metropolitan cities, providing quality education, culture, employment, healthcare, commerce and industry, recreation and leisure to ~1,000,000 residents in its metropolitan area.
Many of the city's efforts on behalf of local and regional populations have come to national and international attention over the last 5-10 years, with prize-winning recognition in wide-ranging areas including volunteerism, culture, education, urban design, services for special populations and others.
Features of the Government's prioritizing Be'er-Sheva include decisions to transfer Israel Defense Forces' elite units south, to transform Be'er-Sheva into Israel's first digital city and to establish "CyberSpark," the national cyber complex, in Be'er-Sheva. All these actions position Be'er-Sheva at the heart of Israel's high-tech industry, creating both a unique research, technology, and innovation ecosystem, and numerous job opportunities for city residents and each year's new graduates.
These advances - together with city project development valued at ~USD$825 million, aimed at improving quality of life while maintaining environmental values - strengthen Be'er-Sheva's position as a leading metropolis, and Israel's capital of innovation and opportunity.