The Tsalmaniyah – Photography Museum

Sector:The Old City and Tourism

Establishment of an International Center for the Photographic Arts in Be'er-Sheva, an institution unparalleled in Israel. The construction of the house will make Be'er-Sheva a national and perhaps even a world center for the art of photography, which is gaining increasing volume in leisure culture.

The house is a British Mandate-era building at 63 Avot St., is a two-story house that once served as a school and then as the Civil Guard headquarters.

The home will open its doors and is designed for all age ranges. It will also include teacher training courses. There will be seating and rest areas for coffee, or baked goods on the home's indoor patio, a souvenir shop related to the photography world and a large courtyard.

A number of projects will be implemented there:

  • The Israel Camera Museum - will present a permanent exhibition of cameras from the day the camera was invented to the present day.
  • Photo Exhibition Gallery - Contemporary photo exhibitions from around the world and the country will be displayed. The gallery will favor works by local artists.
  • A quality photography school - The school will offer a variety of photography courses, the school will have a modeling and professional photography studio and will also have a computer classroom for graphic software (Photoshop, etc.) as well as various computer studies courses (Office and Internet).
  • Be'er-Sheva City Archives - will reflect the development of the city, which grew from the desert from the Ottoman times to the present. The archive will collect photographs of veteran photographers in Be'er-Sheva and private photographs.
  • City Heritage Institute - The Institute will gather scholars from the academy to research and publish new materials.
  • The Be'er-Sheva Biennial for Photography - This is the first photography biennial in Israel.
  • "Sheva Zoom" - An award-winning international photography competition, which has been held twice in the past and asks participants to shoot in and around the city.
  • Annual Photo Contest “Human, City, Desert" - a yearly competition. The exhibition will open on October 21st.
  • Student Tours - 8-12 tours are planned each year, with the assistance of the City Education Department.
  • Seniors' Open Tours - Senior's will be able to visit the studio at least twice a year, as exhibitions in the gallery will change every 3-6 months.
  • "Humans of B7" - A street photography project that presents both text and image of anonymous residents living in the city and enhances the sense of belonging and involvement among the city's residents.