Upgrading the Public Transport System

שדרוג מערך התחבורה הציבורית
Sector:Commerce and Transportation
The Be'er-Sheva Municipality, in collaboration with the Ministry of Transport, promoted the redesign of the Be'er-Sheva public transport system, including a series of revolutionary improvements, including new bus lines, increasing frequencies, free transit between the lines for 90 minutes, boarding from all doors, online ticket purchase, new buses from the Euro 6 line, which has a very low level of air pollution, and more.

Municipal public transport services in the city will increase by more than 30%. The new alignment will also improve the connection to major centers of activity such as industrial areas, educational institutions, shopping centers, train stations, and the hospital.

Passengers will be able to enjoy free passage between the service lines for 90 minutes. Also, Rav Kav ticket holders can skip the driver and board the bus from any door. Tickets will be sold through dozens of new charging stations, including online sales.

Bus drivers will no longer need to sell tickets.