The Gav-Yam Negev High-Tech (Advanced Technologies) Park

פארק ההייטק
Sector:Commerce and Transportation
The Be'er-Sheva High Tech Park, inaugurated in September 2013, is the product of a joint initiative of the Municipality, Ben-Gurion University, and additional partners.

The city includes more than 8,000 undergraduate students in engineering studies at the combined academic institutions in the city. The Park is located near Ben-Gurion University and Soroka Medical Center and is adjacent to a train station in the north of the city. Also, the IDF's telecommunications base will be established next to it (which includes the army's elite units). The high-tech park creates a unique ecosystem, both industrially and geographically, between the partners, the IDF's technology campus, and the Soroka Medical Center. This proximity will allow researchers from all different companies and entities to collaborate in a variety of fields. There are currently three buildings completed, and the fourth is now under construction. There are major multinational companies already located at the Park with a focus on R&D in several technology sectors. Tenants include:

DELL/EMC/RSA, Oracle, Deutsche Telecom, WiX, IBM, JVP Cyber Lab, Mellanox, Incubit (Elbit), RAD, AudioCodes, the National CERT, and many more.

There are currently over 3,000 people employed there. There is planning for twenty buildings altogether.