Digital Innovation Center (CDI)

מרכז לחדשנות דיגיטלית (CDI)
Sector:Commerce and Transportation

CDI - The Center for Digital Innovation is situated in the Gav-Yam Negev Advanced Technologies Park located in Be'er-Sheva, and covering an area of ~2,000 square meters (over 21,500 square feet).  In its first phase, CDI will be focusing on the Center's activities on digital health care, while simultaneously laying the foundations for promoting digital innovation in the spheres of social services, education and smart cities.​

CDI is expected to be a vibrant center for start-upists and investors at all stages of "the life" of technology development – starting from the stage of the concept and through to bringing the final product to market, with emphasis placed on the American market.  Among the services that will be offered to entrepreneurs are:  digital laboratories, access to databases, work spaces, connection to leading medical centers in the country and in the world, international beta-sites for testing technological feasibility for entrepreneurs who are members of the Center, a technology simulation laboratory and integration with such existing environments abroad, a unique program for penetration into international markets, regulatory assistance, think tanks, and of course, access to investors and venture funds from around the world, experts, researchers, academics, experienced entrepreneurs, R&D people and more.