Gav-Yam Negev Advanced Technologies Park

The Be'er-Sheva High-Tech Park, inaugurated in September 2013, is the result of a joint initiative of the Be'er-Sheva Municipality and Ben Gurion University of the Negev, in addition to implementation partners - Gav-Yam Land Corporation Ltd., and KUD International. The Park is located near Ben-Gurion University and Soroka Medical Center and adjacent to the city's northern train station. The IDF's IT Division (which includes elite technology units of the IDF) will also be deployed therein.
The strategic planning of the area has enabled a unique ecosystem model that physically connects the companies that reside at the Park with the university, the hospital, and the planned IDF IT Base, leading to collaboration across several sectors. The Park is also meaningful for employment in the region, and it should be noted that in the city of Be'er-Sheva more than 8,000 students study engineering at Ben-Gurion University and the Sami Shamoon College of Engineering.
There are currently three buildings at the hi-tech park, which cover around 50,000sq.m, and, are occupied by some of the leading international hi-tech companies (some 70 companies and start-ups altogether) including DELL, IBM, Oracle, WIX, Mellanox, Deutsche Telecom, Incubit, Allscripts, AudioCodes, and more, who have centered their global research and develpment centers there. These companies employ more than 2,500 engineers and high-tech professionals.
Construction of the fourth building is almost complete, and it will be populated during Q1 of 2020. The Park will have a total area of 200,000sq.m and employ about 10,000 people.
The unique ecosystem and synergy between academia, industry, military, government, and, a supportive municipal authority - has helped drive initiatives that are helping shape tomorrow. 
The Be'er-Sheva Hi-Tech Park constitutes a historical milestone and will bring about socioeconomic and educational change that will transform the city of Be'er-Sheva and the region, from a metropolitan city, into an international center of innovation, that is developing creative thinkers, leading to breakthroughs across the board