Industrial areas

For some time, the city of Be'er-Sheva has put particular emphasis on the development of the industrial zones and to help grow existing businesses and new entrepreneurs coming to the city. Today there are four active industrial zones in Be'er-Sheva:
  • Emek Sarah
  • Kiryat Yehudit
  • Be'er-Sheva North
  • HaMelcha Compound
The existing, and, future industrial zones span 1,750 acres and employ a workforce of tens of thousands of people from the city of Be'er-Sheva. The "Ye'adim" company manages the industrial zones and works to promote the establishment of new businesses therein by:
  • Accompanying entrepreneurs and companies in any regulatory and/or similar subject matter, including in the process of allocating land exempt from tenders.
  • Advancing development budgets for industrial zones, including development work from a project management standpoint.
  • Ongoing maintenance, including camera deployment and security services.

Emek Sara Industrial Area, Aleph-Daled (A-D)

Emek Sarah is the leading industrial area of the city of Be'er-Sheva. The complex is 625 acres and will be expanded and developed more in the coming years. Recently, tens of millions of shekels have been invested towards the completion of development, and Ye'adim continues to advance new budgets for the development of the region and plans to transform it into an "advanced" industrial park.


Emek Sara Industrial Area, Hey (H)

A privately owned industrial zone (Tabu - land registry deed), which was leased entirely, and recently, a branch of IKEA opened. Ye'adim manages the development of the complex for the benefit of the residents and will act as a magnet to bring in new business(es).

Kiryat Yehudit

The Kiryat Yehudit compound is an integrated commercial, industrial and logistics complex located at the southern exit of Be'er-Sheva, near the Mahane Natan base. The compound includes a variety of businesses including the Yes Planet, Power Centers, banquet halls and more.

Be'er-Sheva North

Be'er-Sheva North Industrial Zone is located in the eastern part of the city. The area is characterized mainly by small industrial complexes, garages, and car service centers. Pinchas HaHotzev St. and Machteshim North will soon be upgraded too.

HaMelcha Compound

The oldest industrial zone in the city, which includes the city's marble processing industry. There is an ideation stage happening now wherein this area may undergo a process of urban renewal and transform it into an attractive location with multiple purposes (this process is in the initial stages of examination, and therefore there is no obligation to change the designation of the land).