Accessibility Statement

The Be'er-Sheva Municipality views making its website accessible to people with disabilities to be of utmost importance.  An accessible site increases convenience and ease of use for people with disabilities.  This site was developed in accordance with the regulations for the Equal Rights for People with Disabilities (service access adaptation) 5763 -2013, and to W3C's Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0, level AA.

The following describes some of the activities carried out within the context of making the site accessible:

  • An accessibility menu - at the beginning of each page you will find a menu that allows you:
    • To change the font size.
    • To change the contrast.
    • To skip directly to page content, to the main menu and search, using the keyboard.
    • To freeze movement of texts and images, to reduce congestion and distractions.
    • To operate an accessible table-filtering mechanism which allows filtering values in the tables.
  • All operations in the website can be carried out using the keyboard as follows:  Pressing the Tab key moves to the next link and pressing the Enter key activates the link.  Pressing Shift-Tab reverts to the the previous link.
  • Adaptation for blind users – the website is optimized for surfers using screen-reading software.  The site includes:
    • Captions
    • Texts to replace images
    • Division of the site to navigational areas and a central content area, and the ability to jump between them
    • Use of ARIA to improve the screen reader's interpretation capbility.

Restrictions to accessibility and queries about accessibility

We are continuing to invest major efforts in site accessibility. That said, despite this, parts of the site that have not yet been made accessible may be discovered.  If you have a problem, or have a comment or question, we would be pleased to hear from you to
As of the writing of this statement, PDF files on-site are not yet accessible.  Until they become accessible, please feel free to contact to request accessible files.  Also, data tables are only partially accessible for screen readers due to a problem in implementing the technological infrastructure of the site.
You can view Web sites Accessibility Guidelines 2.0 in English at: