'The Train Yard' - Engine 70414 Complex

The old Turkish Railway Station has been renovated and developed, and its historic buildings have undergone restoration.  Today it is a unique cultural, recreational and entertainment venue in Be'er‑Sheva.  It was built in 1915 by the Ottoman Empire as part of their war effort versus the British, by the engineer Heinrich August Meissner (Pasha), who was responsible for the Hejaz railway that connected Damascus to Al-Madina, Saudi Arabia.  The renewed complex offers a plethora of attractions:  an interactive mini-museum of the Israel Railways, a gourmet restaurant, changing exhibitions, authentic train carriages, an original steam engine and more.  
Tuviyahu Blvd., corner of Eli Davis St., Old City.  Tel.:  972 (0) 8-623-4613.
'The Train Yard' - Engine70414 Complex